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PEI Leader tape


PEI Tape

PEI tape is used where high toughness and ease of fabrication are required. For example, smart card chip packaging, etc. It can be processed at high temperatures for operations including stamping, diaphragm forming, fiber placement and high pressure forming.

PEI tape detail Information

Products Name: PEI leader tape
Application: Packaging materials
Material: PEI
Function: chip packaging
Appearance: dark brown
Country: Made in china
Destiny: 1.43g/cm3
Features: igh temperature
specific resistance: 13Ω*m
Applicable temperature: 400℃
Specification: 35、48、70mm
PEI: 0.125mm

Features and benefits of PEI laminate tapes

1. High temperature resistance

2. High toughness

3. Chemically resistant

4. Easy to process

Smart card chip PEI Leader tape is currently available in globally sized models: 35, 35SW, 48, 48SW, 70. Due to the large market of the local and overseas semiconductor industry, we are providing high-precision products and improving our competitiveness with international companies in terms of service, delivery and price. In order to win a career win-win situation with domestic and foreign merchants. Leader Tape Material: PI, PET, PEI. Model: 35 35SW 48 48SW 70 Price in meters, in rolls.

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