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What is cover tape?

Cover tape is a strip material used for SMD packaging of electronic products, often used in conjunction with carrier tape.

It is essentially a TPO film. Cover tapes manufactured by Tongxi are suitable for polystyrene and polycarbonate carrier tapes. These pressure sensitive cover tapes are resealable and highly transparent. The transparent cover tape facilitates inspection of the assembly and the antistatic properties eliminate any tearing during removal of the cover tape from the carrier reel. Other widths are available upon request. Please contact us for more information.

Some information About SMD Carrier Tape Raw Materials.

Cover Tapes Parameters

Type: Heat Sealable tape(HAS)& Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive tape(PSA)

Material: PS, PET

Standard Spec: 9.3MM,13.3MM,21.3MM,25.5MM,49.5MM

Classification of cover tape

1. Depending on the width of the matching carrier tape, there are different widths of cover tapes. Common widths are 5.3 mm (5.4 mm), 9.3 mm, 13.3 mm, 21.3 mm, 25.5 mm, 37.5 mm, etc.

2. There are three types of cover tapes according to the characteristics of the bonding between the cover tape and the carrier tape and the peeling off from the carrier tape, thermal cover tape (HAA), pressure sensitive cover tape (PSA) and the new universal cover tape (UCT).

Characteristics of the cover tape

1. Tensile performance, will not break easily.

2. Anti-static to protect electronic components from damage.

We are a professional cover tape supplier. Each type of tape offers different characteristics and benefits. Contact us to help you choose the tape that is best for you.