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  • Glass epoxy tape

Glass epoxy tape



High Tg Glass epoxy tape material for IC Chip Mounting  Features:
1. Excellent viscosity
2. Excellent in flame resistance
3. Excellent in adhesion to copper foil.
4. Excellent in insulation resistance
5.Excellent in chemical resistance
6. Cold curing (max.160° C) is possible

Epoxy film tape characteristics:

1. UL approved temperature resistance up to 155 ° C and flameproof

2. Epoxy film tape is resistant to welding, puncture resistance, thin film, high dielectric strength and good shape.

3. a wide range of functions, help reduce inventory costs


1.IC susbstrate for Smart card.

2.IC substrate for BGA,CSP or COB

3.Substrate for small LCD

Also recommend use on: the coil;  capacitor; , wire strapping

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