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Carrier Tape and SMD Electronic Components

Nov. 25, 2021

The electronics industry is investing heavily in surface mount technology. Huge investments are being made in technology. The reasons for this investment include cost savings from automated component placement and increased PCB layout density due to smaller package sizes.

Today's placement machines can pick and place thousands of components per hour with very high accuracy. To achieve this performance, component transport systems must be able to transport components at high speeds in a consistent direction and position them positively as required by the machine. The leads of the components must be protected from damage during transport, handling and placement.

Currently, the packaging material of choice to meet these requirements is carrier tape. In carrier tape packaging, components are placed in specially designed pockets embossed on a plastic carrier tape. A cover tape is sealed to the carrier tape to keep the component in place in these pockets. A row of sprocket holes is provided along one edge of the embossed tape to facilitate positive indexing. The tape is then rolled onto a rigid plastic spool that provides mechanical protection during handling and storage. These reels are dust-free and compatible with clean environments.

Carrier Tape


TONGXI's tape and plastic spool specifications conform to EIA Standard 481, "Tape for Automated Surface Mounted Components".

Static Protection

TONGXI's tape and reel delivery systems are designed to provide a very high level of electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection. All tape and reel materials are electrostatically dissipative. In addition, dry-packaged reels are housed in moisture-proof bags; non-dry-packaged reels are housed in boxes with ESD conductive coatings or in conductive ESD bags. To maintain the benefits of this protection, these bags should only be opened by trained personnel at ESD-controlled workstations.

plastic reel

Feed Direction

The feed direction is defined as the direction in which the end user unravels the tape. The feed direction is counterclockwise for all products when the circular sprocket hole of the reel is facing the observer.

Welcome your enquiry about the products, besides carrier tapes aand cover tapes we also have anti static electricity shield bags for sale.