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Use of Carrier Tape, Cover Tape and Plastic Reel

Dec. 03, 2021

Anti-static packaging manufacturer TONGXI introduces you to the characteristics and use of carrier tape, cover tape, and plastic reels.


Carrier Tape

(1) The role of carrier tape.

1. easy to carry

2. Ensure efficiency

3. Electrical protection

4. Carrying and transportation

5. Packaging function


(2) Carrier belt types

(1) Narrow carrier belt: 8mm and 12mm. round turbo structure, raw material PC PS, fixed mold, high output, long meter length, higher precision and higher requirement.

(2) Wide carrier belt: 16mm, 24mm, 32mm, 44mm, 56mm, 72mm. its raw material is PS, small output, many varieties, complex molding.

 Use of Carrier Tape, Cover Tape and Plastic Reel

Cover tape

(1) Cover tape classification

The full name is "cover tape on electronic packaging". It is called top tape and cover tape.

According to the sealing strip, it can be divided into heat sealing cover tape and self-adhesive cover tape; according to the electrical properties of the material, it can be divided into electric resistance and non-electricity. It is generally made of PET as the base material.

Heat sealable lidding strips need to be heated before they can be laminated to the sealing equipment. The length of these cover tapes is generally 300M/R, 480M/R; transparent milky white appearance.

Self-adhesive cover tape does not need to be heated in the sealing device. Since the material has a pressure-sensitive material, it can be sealed automatically when pressure is applied during sealing.

(2) Properties of cover tape

Due to the different formulations of different manufacturers, each has its own match. Any manufacturer's cover tape can not be matched with other manufacturers' carrier tape at will. All seals of the upper and lower tapes must be tested and approved before they can be offered to customers. All materials used must comply with the EU Environmental Directive for Electrical and Electronic Products, ROHS, with the same element-specific standards as the carrier tape.

Use of Carrier Tape, Cover Tape and Plastic Reel


Plastic Reels

The full name of the reel is "electronic packaging reel", short for reel, plastic reel, wheel. Chinese: "reel". This is the customary sense of reel. In a broad sense, the reel also has a plastic tray and a paper tray. Generally, the plastic reel is purchased and sold separately with a paper reel attached.

(1) Reel category

According to the reel diameter can be divided into 7 inches, 13 inches, 15 inches. Narrow strips usually use 7-inch plastic discs. Wide strips generally use 13-inch or 15-inch plastic discs. Material is generally PS.

(2) spool classification

Wire reel according to the electrical properties of the materials used can be divided into conductive materials, anti-electric materials and non-electrical materials. Electricity-resistant reel has black, blue and white appearance. It has a storage period of only six months.

Non-electric plastic reel without electrostatic liquid. Appearance blue, white. Due to different applications, the spools are different. General IC type with plastic reel, small shaft, other large.


Use of Carrier Tape, Cover Tape and Plastic Reel

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