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Applications And Classification of Cover Tapes

Aug. 11, 2021

Cover tape is mainly used in electronic components mounting industry. It cooperates with the carrier tape (carrier tape) to use, will resistor, capacitor, transistor, diode and other electronic components bearing in the pocket of the carrier tape, cover tape seal in the pocket formed by the carrier tape above the formation of closed packaging, used to protect the electronic components in transit from pollution and damage. When the electronic components are installed, the cover tape is stripped, and the automatic installation equipment takes out the components held in the pocket in order through the precise positioning of the index hole of the carrier tape, and puts them on the integrated circuit board (PCB board).

Cover Tapes

Classification of cover tape

According to the characteristics of cover tape and carrier tape adhesion and peeling from the carrier tape, the cover tape can be divided into three types, thermal cover tape (HAA), pressure sensitive cover tape (PSA) and new universal cover tape (UCT).

1、Thermal sensitive cover tape (HAA)

The sealing of the thermal cover tape is done by the sealing machine by applying a certain temperature and pressure through the sealing presser foot, so that the hot melt adhesive of the cover tape melts and presses on the sealing surface of the carrier tape to achieve sealing. Thermal cover tape is not sticky at room temperature, but sticky only after heating.

2、 Pressure-sensitive cover tape (PSA)

The sealing of the pressure-sensitive cover tape is made by the sealing machine through the pressure roller to apply continuous pressure, so that the pressure-sensitive adhesive of the cover tape is bonded to the carrier tape. The two sides of the pressure-sensitive cover tape are sticky at room temperature and can be used without heating.

3、New universal cover tape (UCT)

Cover tape on the market is mainly through the adhesive force to control the size of the peeling force, but because the same adhesive with different surface materials of the carrier tape when the size of the adhesive force will be different, coupled with the peeling sometimes appear residual adhesive contamination.

In order to solve these specific problems, a new type of universal cover tape has been introduced in the market, which has two deep grooves cut in the base film of the cover tape through precise mechanical processing, and the cover tape tears along the grooves when peeling, which is only affected by the depth of the grooves cut and the mechanical strength of the film, thus ensuring the stability of the peeling force.

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