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Why Use Anti-static Shielding Bags?

Jul. 27, 2021

Anti-static shielding bags are used to store, transport and protect electronic components and printed circuit boards. The bags will protect electronic items from damage when an electrostatic discharge occurs. When the moisture content in the air is low, static electricity is more likely to occur. Anti-static Shielding Bags have a thin microscopic layer of water molecules on the surface of the film, which reduces the chance of discharge.

Anti-static shielding bag uses

Anti-static shielding bags can be used to transport any static sensitive equipment, but can also be used to transport non-static sensitive components to static sensitive environments. Since antistatic shielding bags serve companies with advanced electronics and even military-grade electronics, they are well suited for the transportation, packaging and storage of ESD-sensitive items.

Anti-static Shielding Bags

Anti-static Shielding Bags

ESD Shielding Bag Benefits

Anti-static shielding bags offer a cost-effective way to protect electronic equipment and are physically protective and puncture resistant when produced in sufficient thickness. When used together, antistatic and conductive packaging is critical to the health of your electronic equipment and those around you. Static charges can cause other items to spark and cause more damage. Antistatic and black conductive packaging protects equipment from damage in storage, shipping and retail environments.

How do anti-static shielding bags work?

Anti-static Shielding Bag Suppliers tell us that static electricity stays in one place and builds up over time. Anti-static shielding bags have special additives that give them dissipative properties that prevent static buildup. Certain types of charge build-up are so strong that they can start a fire or explosion. Anti-static shielding bags are made of polyethylene, but with special additives that give them special properties that dissipate static charges.

Anti-static shielding bag composition

The first layer of the anti-static bag is made of the same dissipative polyethylene plastic as the dissipative bag, providing a soft layer for electronic components while also preventing static build-up, which can be due to the components inside the static.

The second layer of the anti-static bag is made of aluminum and provides a shielding layer for electrostatic discharge, the layer acts as a conductor to safely absorb the direct static charge and ground it, meaning the contents of the bag remain safe.

The third layer of the anti-static bag is made of polyester with a dissipative coating similar to that found on polyethylene plastic. This layer is used to add another layer of protection to the bag and its contents, as it helps provide protection to the middle layer and stops any static electricity from building up on the outside of the bag.

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