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What Are The Material Types of Carrier Tapes?

Aug. 23, 2021

According to the use of carrier tape can be divided into: IC special carrier tape, transistor special carrier tape, chip LED special carrier tape, chip inductor special carrier tape, comprehensive SMD carrier tape, chip capacitor special carrier tape, SMT connector special carrier tape, etc.

According to the material of carrier tape can be divided into: PS carrier tape, ABS carrier tape, PET carrier tape, PC carrier tape, HIPS carrier tape, PE carrier tape, etc.

Carrier tape production equipment: carrier tape equipment is also called carrier tape forming machine. At present, there are two main types of tape forming machines: roller type and flat type. The difference between the two lies in the difference between their molding molds.

Carrier Tape

Here are the two main kinds of manufacturing materials of carrier belt:

PC material

Polycarbonate, abbreviated as PC, is a colorless, transparent, unqualified thermoplastic material. Its name is derived from its internal CO3 group.

PC chemical properties: Polycarbonate is resistant to acids and oils. Polycarbonate is not resistant to ultraviolet light and is not resistant to strong alkalis.

PC physical properties: polycarbonate colorless transparent, heat resistant, impact resistant, flame retardant, in general use temperature are good mechanical properties. With performance close to polymethyl methacrylate compared to the impact resistance of polycarbonate, high refractive index, good processing performance, without additives to have UL94 V-0 level flame retardant properties.

PC material characteristics of high mechanical strength, good transparency, dimensional stability, high glass transition temperature, good heat resistance. The disadvantage is poor wear resistance. Some polycarbonate devices used in wear-prone applications require special treatment of the surface.

PS material

Refers to Polystyrene, that is a thermoplastic synthetic resin, the largest application area is the electronics / electrical industry materials have lower mechanical strength than PC materials, but stronger adhesion with the cover tape.

PS: belongs to the polystyrene class, commonly known as hard rubber. The Chinese name is General Purpose Polystyrene, the English name is General Purpose Polystyrene, in the plastics industry for short: PS.

Main uses: used to make lampshades, instrument shell covers, toys, etc.

Physical characteristics: easy to burn, leaving the open flame continues to burn, softening and blistering when burning, the flame is orange-yellow to produce a thick black smoke carbon beam, and produce a special smell of styrene monomer.

What Are The Material Types of Carrier Tapes

Tape forming machine

1, The flat type carrier tape forming machine is suitable for more than 12mm carrier tape, especially ko greater than 4mm; the spelling machine carrier tape forming stability is poor, P2 and F value control is more difficult, and therefore difficult to do precision molding.

2, Roller type strip forming machine has concave die and convex die forming system, the precision of convex die can guarantee the precision of strip forming, the current equipment can reach ±0.05mm, imported strip forming machine can reach ±0.03mm precision.

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