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Do You Know The Performance Indicators for Cover Tapes?

Sep. 03, 2021

Do You Know The Performance Indicators for Cover Tapes?cid=6

Cover tape is mainly used in the electronic component mounting industry. It is used in conjunction with carrier tapes to store resistors, capacitors, diodes etc. in the pockets of the carrier tape to protect the electronic components from contamination and damage during transport.

In previous article, we have learned that there are three types of cover tapes according to the characteristics of the bond between the cover tape and the carrier tape and the peel-off characteristics from the carrier tape: thermal cover tape (HAA), pressure sensitive cover tape (PSA) and the new universal cover tape (UCT). Now TONGXI introduces you to the indicators for judging the quality of cover tapes.

Key performance indicators for cover tapes

Peel force

Peel force is the most important technical indicator of cover tape. The mounting manufacturer needs to peel the cover tape from the carrier tape, remove the electronic components encapsulated in the pocket and mount them on the board. During this process, the peel force must be sufficiently stable in order to ensure that the robot can be positioned accurately and that the electronic components do not flip over. Electronic components are being manufactured in smaller and smaller sizes, so the requirement for a stable peeling force is increasing.

Tensile properties.

Tensile properties include tensile strength and elongation (percentage of stretch). Tensile strength is the maximum stress that a sample can withstand before it breaks. Similarly, elongation is the maximum deformation that a material can withstand before fracture.

Optical properties.

Optical properties include haze, light transmission and transparency. As the markings on the electronic component chips encapsulated in the carrier pocket are viewed through the cover tape, there are certain requirements for light transmission, haze and transparency of the cover tape. It must not be too thick and fuzzy, otherwise it will affect the electronic components.

Surface resistance.

In order to avoid electronic components being attracted to the cover tape by static electricity, the surface of the cover tape is usually required to be antistatic. The level of antistatic resistance is expressed in terms of surface resistance. A surface resistance of 10E9-10E11 is generally required for cover tapes.

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