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Advantages and Disadvantages Affecting the Development of the Carrier Tape Industry

Mar. 24, 2020

The carrier tape industry has a wide range of downstream industries. Due to the rapid development of electronic information science and technology, the carrier tape industry has also undergone ups and downs. Various favorable and unfavorable factors have been encountered in the development process. There are four main advantages. The following Anti-static Protective Tape Supplier will come to tell you.

I. Consumption capacity is constantly increasing. With the continuous and healthy development of China's national economy, the consumption power of residents has continued to increase, and the demand for consumer electronics such as smart phones, smart TVs, IPADs, and notebooks has also increased. People's pursuit of products is constantly upgraded from simple use of functions, and more in pursuit of product technical content and functional diversity. There is still much room for development of consumer electronics. Therefore, the Carrier Tape industry also faces a better development opportunity.

Carrier Tape

Carrier Tape

2. National industrial policy support. Electronic information packaging materials are important auxiliary consumables in the electronic component industry and play an irreplaceable role in the surface mounting of electronic components. In order to support the development of the electronic information packaging material industry, the Chinese government has issued a series of industrial promotion policies.

3. The development prospects of the electronic information industry are bright. Guided by the country's general policy of transforming the economic development model, China's electronic materials and components industry will usher in a critical period of industrial upgrading and historic development opportunities. The cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries and the trillion-dollar investment scale have provided unprecedented innovation and development space for the electronic materials and components industry. The huge supporting demand brought by emerging industries has given the industry a broader market prospect.

Fourth, the consumer electronics are rapidly updated and the market space is huge. In general, the replacement cycle of consumer electronics is about 3-5 years. With the continuous improvement of LED, smart home appliances, smart phones, and digital home technology, ordinary consumers' demands for the new generation of consumer electronics are also increasing, and there is still huge room for further development of consumer electronics.

Although there are many favorable conditions, the disadvantages have to be paid attention to. The current world economic situation is complex and volatile, and downward pressure is high. In addition, China is currently in a period of manufacturing transformation and upgrading, and the domestic situation is also very complicated. In particular, the focus of the electronics manufacturing industry is showing signs of shifting to South and Southeast Asia. Bringing manufacturers is no small challenge. In general, the impact of the macroeconomic environment at home and abroad has brought some uncertainty to the industry.