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Characteristics of Aluminum Foil Bag

Mar. 17, 2020

Today Antistatic Pads Supplier introduces the characteristics and features of aluminum foil bags in detail. We have been committed to providing customers with more suitable products, so we need to know the specific characteristics of the product.

If the aluminum foil bag is to be made antistatic, it must be coated with an antistatic liquid. It can protect electrostatic sensitive components from potential electrostatic hazards, can effectively reduce the intensity of electrostatic discharge, and prevent electronic components from being damaged by electrostatic breakdown. Good water resistance, oxygen barrier, light protection, puncture resistance. This product is suitable for electronic product packaging that requires moisture resistance: such as various types of PCBA boards, IC integrated circuits, optical drives, hard disks, and anti-static products such as food and medical, Moisture-proof, vacuum-packed, etc. The product structure is divided into three layers and four layers: PET / AL / CPE, PET / PA / AL / CPE and PET / PA / AL / CPP.

Customized products with different composite materials, shapes and thicknesses according to different requirements. There are flat mouth type, self-adhesive envelope type, self-sealing type, self-supporting type, three-dimensional type, square type, middle-sealing organ type, etc. can be made according to different performance Anti-static Bags, shielding bags, vacuum bags, anti-static aluminum foil bags and other aluminum foil packaging bags.

Anti-static Aluminum Foil Bag

Anti-static Aluminum Foil Bag

Features and characteristics of aluminum foil bags: Aluminum foil bags with three functions of anti-static, moisture-proof and electromagnetic interference are popular in the market. Aluminum foil bags suitable for various industries also have their own functions, such as electronic product aluminum foil bags, which have anti- Three functions of static, moisture and electromagnetic interference. The electronic product aluminum foil bag's unique four-layer structure PET / AL / PA / PE makes the aluminum foil bag's tensile strength, tensile strength and puncture resistance very high; and the design of the nylon layer solves the semiconductor industry and IC integration Circuit, SMT, LED and precision electronics industry vacuum packaging requirements. According to product requirements, the Anti-static Aluminum Foil Bag has good shielding properties and the inner packaging is not visible, which can protect electrostatic sensitive components from potential static electricity. In addition, the antistatic aluminum foil bag also has good properties of moisture resistance, oxygen resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, good heat sealing performance, safety, non-toxicity and environmental protection. In addition, the surface of the anti-static aluminum foil bag can be printed with characters, logos and the like. In terms of use, pure aluminum bags are more suitable for electronic components, deli, and meat that require high moisture resistance and vacuuming; while aluminum-plated bags are suitable for packaging tea, powder, and electronic components.

Features of aluminum foil packaging bag:

1. Strong barrier to air, anti-oxidation, waterproof, moisture-proof.

2. Strong mechanical properties, high blast resistance, strong puncture and tear resistance.

3. High temperature resistance (121 ° C), low temperature resistance (-50 ° C), oil resistance and good fragrance retention.

4. Non-toxic and tasteless, in line with food and drug packaging hygiene standards.

5. Good heat-sealing performance, softness, and high barrier properties.

The above are the characteristics of aluminum foil bags, I hope to help everyone.