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The Peeling Step And Cleaning Operation Mode Of Protective Film

Aug. 23, 2019

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Many protective film use terminals, such as injection molding factories, glass processing, touch screen manufacturers do not know the step of peeling off the protective film, often cause unnecessary trouble when using the protective film and affect the production efficiency.

PET Leader Tape

PET Leader Tape

With the improvement of living standards, TVs, computers and other products have become quite popular, so the corresponding protective film products are becoming more and more popular. Here, the function of the protective film is to prevent the liquid crystal display from being damaged, and also to facilitate the cleaning of the liquid crystal display.

Although it is known that a protective film can be attached to the liquid crystal display to protect it, it is not known that the protective film can be cleaned in different ways. One is to use a special dust-removing sticker for the protective film to clean, which can not only play the role of cleaning the screen, but also damage the protective film and the screen.

When handling, first attach the dust to the protective film, tear the dusting sticker again, and attach it to the corner of the protective film. Press firmly on the dusting sticker to bond it to the protective film. Pull the film up in the opposite direction, and a corner of the protective film will be pulled up. At this time, the second piece of dust can be attached to the adsorption layer of the protective film, corresponding to the position of the first piece of dust removal sticker. The protective film is peeled off.

After cleaning, re-attach the protective film. Since the protective layer of the protective film has less protection from the release film, care must be taken when re-sticking to avoid damage to the protective film.

Of course, the protective film can also be washed, prepare a larger cup and install purified water; then remove the protective film from the screen with a dusting paste, and put the protective film into the water to wash it back and forth. After washing the protective film, take it out of the water and place it in a cool place.

It is recommended to tilt the protective film against the cup so that the protective film is down to the adsorption layer and can be reattached after the water drops are completely dried. It should be borne in mind that the protective film must be dried naturally after washing. Do not use a soft cloth to wipe the adsorption layer, otherwise it will stick to dust. If you accidentally stick to dust, you can wash it again.

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