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Advantages And Wide Application Of Conductive Sponge

Aug. 12, 2019

Here is Black Conductive Sponge Supplier talking about advantages and wide application of conductive sponge.

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Black Conductive Sponge

Black Conductive Sponge

A conductive sponge is one of the sponges. It is literally known to be electrically conductive. How is it conductive? The conductive sponge wraps the conductive cloth on the flame retardant sponge and then undergoes a series of treatments. It can be made to have good surface conductivity, so that it can be made conductive. Conductive sponge can be roughly divided into: aluminum foil cloth foam, gold-plated cloth sponge, conductive fiber cloth foam, carbon-coated cloth sponge and the like. So what are the characteristics of conductive sponges?

1. It is RoHS compliant

2, with UL94HB and V0 flame retardant grade

3, the compression range is large, the larger one can be compressed to 60% of the original thickness

4, can be punched into the desired shape, die-cut I / O, rectangular liner and panel liner can also be supplied with back conductive adhesive or low residual deformation of conductive adhesive to ensure long-term performance of the product.

5. Improved Z-axis resistivity can increase shielding effectiveness to over 90dB over a wide frequency range.

Applicable thicknesses include 0.039" (1mm), 0.079" (2 mm), 0.060" (1.5mm), 0.098" (2.5 mm), 0.125" (3.2mm), and its width can reach 0.250" (6.4mm). Also suitable for a variety of standard configurations, including D-subs, USB port, IEEE 1394, SCSI and RJ 11.

The above is a brief introduction to the characteristics of conductive sponges. Due to their above advantages, conductive sponges are widely used. Nowadays, they are widely used in PDP TVs, LCD monitors, LCD TVs, mobile phones and other electronic products as well as military industry. , aerospace field and other fields.

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