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How To Choose An Anti-static Shielding Bag?

Jul. 27, 2019

The Shielding Bag can effectively isolate the electrostatic field between the object and the outside, prevent static electricity generated in the bag, protect the object from static electricity, prevent the material of the anti-static shielding bag, and prevent electromagnetic interference. For PCB, anti-static shielding bag plus Thick, LED and other static sensitive components.

Shielding Bag

Shielding Bag

The key point and difficulty in the production of anti-static shielding bags lies in the research and development and manufacture of composite materials. Only by mastering this core technology can we gain a firm foothold in this field. Similarly, we should not only look at the design when purchasing such anti-static shielding bags. It’s not good to see. The anti-static shielding bag is an isolated packaging bag that isolates the external magnetic field or electrostatic field and also prevents static electricity generated in the bag. The anti-static shielding bag is also called a shielding bag. All kinds of electronic instruments produced in the electronics factory will be installed in anti-static shielding bags to prevent external magnetic fields.

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