Conductive Series

  • IXPE black conductive sponge

IXPE black conductive sponge



IXPE black conductive sponge, also known as black conductive IXPE sponge, black conductive sponge, black conductive foam, conductive high-density sponge, anti-static black sponge, classified as conductive sponge board, conductive sponge strip, conductive sponge tube, conductive sponge according to product use Die-cutting type.

The product is a closed-cell soft sponge which is mixed into a conductive filler by an internal addition method during the molding process of the sponge, and is formed by radiation crosslinking. After the sheet is formed, the conductive filler forms a conductive path inside the sheet. / Network to achieve the purpose of electrostatic leakage.

● There are high, medium and low density products;

● The surface resistivity is 4 to 6 Ω/Square of 10, and the volume resistivity is 4 to 6 Ω/cm of 10;

●Clean, dust-free and desquamation: After cross-linking between molecular chains, the ability to consolidate conductive fillers is greatly improved;

●No corrosion and corrosion resistance: no odor, and resistance to erosion by organic solvents and chemical agents;

● weatherproof, moisture-proof, seismic insulation: closed-cell air bubbles are small and uniform, moisture absorption performance, cushioning shock resistance, heat insulation and sound insulation performance;

●The machine has good performance and can be punched and processed into various shapes required by customers.

The products are mainly used for anti-static patch panels, cushions for microelectronics, optoelectronic components, anti-static packaging for semiconductor chips, printed circuit boards, integrated circuits, storage and transportation packaging for precision high-frequency electronic products and industrial modules. Anti-static packaging for frequency components, aviation instrumentation, weapons and ammunition, etc.