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A Look At Plastic Carrier Tape In One Article

May. 12, 2021

Carrier Tape is a tape product used in electronic packaging with a specific thickness and equally spaced cavities for holding electronic components and positioning holes for indexing in its length. Tape packaging has the advantages of low cost and high efficiency, and the use of tape packaging can easily realize automated mechanical operation. The shape and size of electronic components are different, and the material, size and structure of the carrier tape required are also different. Usually the carrier tape includes a chain-hole conveying area for automated transfer and a cavity for carrying electronic components, and upper and lower sealing tapes for sealing components are also attached to the upper and lower surfaces of the carrier tape.

Carrier Tape

Carrier Tape

Application of the product

The carrier belt is mainly used in the electronic component mounting industry. It is used in conjunction with the Cover Tape to carry electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, transistors, diodes, etc. in the pockets of the carrier tape and to form a closed package by sealing the cover tape above the carrier tape to protect the electronic components from contamination and damage during transportation. When the electronic components are installed, the cover tape is stripped, and the automatic installation equipment, through the precise positioning of the index hole of the carrier tape, takes out the components held in the pocket in turn and installs them on the integrated circuit board.

According to the forming characteristics of the pocket.

Carrier tape according to forming process can be divided into embossed carrier tape and stamping carrier tape. Embossed carrier tape refers to the local stretching of the carrier tape material through the method of mold embossing or blistering to form a depressed shape cavity. This kind of carrier tape can form different sizes of cavities according to the specific needs to adapt to the cross-sectional area of the electronic components to be held. The thickness of the electronic components that can be placed in this type of carrier is limited by the thickness of the carrier itself, and it can only be used for packaging smaller components.

According to the material of carrier tape.

The material of carrier tape mainly includes two categories: carrier tape can be divided into plastic carrier tape and paper carrier tape according to the material. Plastic carrier tape has high strength, good transparency, the use of the process will not produce dust, fiber pollution, but plastic carrier tape due to the nature of the material itself, the size accuracy is difficult to ensure, especially the miniaturization of electronic components with plastic carrier tape, in the punching of the chamfer is difficult to eliminate, and plastic does not have a buffer, easy to produce mechanical damage to electronic components, plastic products, static electricity is also difficult to eliminate, to the components to take the process Bringing difficulties to the component pickup process.

Paper carrier tape has the advantages of good resilience, easy preparation, low cost, etc.. However, the strength of the carrier paper used for packaging and transportation of electronic components is very high; the bonding force is good, and the process of punching and slitting to avoid paper dust affecting the performance of electronic components or blocking the apparatus for taking electronic components; the conductive ion content is low to avoid affecting the quality of electronic components, etc.

Embossed carrier tape is mainly composed of plastic materials, the mainstream of the market is PC carrier tape, PS and ABS carrier tape, in addition, there are also a small number of PET, APET and other materials prepared by the carrier tape. Stamped carrier tapes are mainly made of paper or PE composites.

PC material is characterized by high mechanical strength, good transparency, good dimensional stability, high glass transition temperature, and good heat resistance; PS material has lower mechanical strength than PC material, so it is sometimes made into a three-layer composite sheet with ABS material to improve the tensile strength of the carrier tape; PET material has a mechanical strength close to PC, but is a crystalline material with poor dimensional stability.

By function.

In order to protect electronic components from electrostatic damage, some precision electronic components have clear requirements for the anti-static level of the carrier tape. According to the anti-static level, the carrier tape can be divided into three types: conductive type, anti-static type and insulating type.

According to the forming method of carrier tape.

According to the forming method of the pocket, it can be divided into two types of forming methods: intermittent and continuous. Compared with the intermittent type, usually the continuous type molding method has better dimensional stability and higher product dimensional accuracy. For the intermittent molding method, it is more suitable for preparing large size pockets.

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