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What is Carrier Tape?

Apr. 16, 2021

Carrier Tape is an auxiliary product for the electronic packaging industry. It is mainly used for the protective packaging of electronic components, integrated circuits and other equipment. The role of the tape is not only for packaging, but also as a protective layer to prevent physical and electrostatic damage to electronic devices when they are shipped and warehoused.

Carrier Tape

Carrier Tape

Carrier tape is mainly used for electronic components such as integrated circuits, resistors, capacitors, transistors, etc. In the packaging process, electronic devices are packed in a specially designed cavity on the carrier tape. The carrier tape is then closed with upper and lower cover tapes and then stored in a reel. In this way, the entire structure protects the electronics from contamination during transportation and storage. When the tape arrives at the plant or assembly line, an automatic machine pulls the electronic device through a circular sprocket hole in the positioning tape.

Due to the diversity of electronic devices in terms of size and physical requirements, Carrier Tape Manufacturers have developed different classifications for different customer needs.

Classification by function:Some precision electronic components have strict requirements on the anti-static level of the carrier tape. According to the anti-static grade, there are three types of carrier tapes in the market: conductive, dissipative and insulating.

Classified by cavity:The carrier tapes currently offered in the industry are embossed carrier tapes and perforated carrier tapes. Embossed carrier tapes contain an embossed cavity, which is formed by blistering the tape to create a concave pocket. With this method, manufacturers can provide customization for electronic components according to customer requirements. Perforated carrier tapes, on the other hand, have perforated or semi-perforated pockets with perforated cavities on the tape by die-cutting. Due to the limitation of tape thickness, perforated carrier tape is only suitable for relatively small electronic components.

Classification by material:Carrier tapes on the market are mainly made of plastic or paper materials. Embossed carrier tapes are mainly made up of plastic materials. Most of the plastic carrier tapes in the industry are made of PC, PS, ABS, etc.

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