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How to Deal With Sealing Cracks In Carrier Tapes and Cover Tapes?

Jun. 09, 2021

There are five forms of carrier tape seal cracking, especially for products such as IC components and lighter and thinner LED components. The following are the ways to deal with the sealing cracks of carrier tape and cover tape shared by the Carrier Tape Supplier.

1、Seal cracking: this situation is completely unsuitable, want to sticky sticky. This crack is more obvious. At first glance, it does not fit, does not match, you can immediately replace the cover tape. It will not cause big losses and is relatively easy to control and avoid.

2、Weak sealing: carrier tape and cover tape are stuck together, but not sticky, gently open. This is similar to the first case, and can be found and replaced with a little attention. In this case, the carrier tape and the cover tape themselves do not match and are not suitable. Due to the increased strength of the seal or the higher temperature of use, it has some stickiness but generally behaves very quickly.

Carrier Tape

Carrier Tape

3、Strong stickiness: This seal is too strong, not easy to peel off, and easy to break. Carrier Tape and cover tape sealing, there is no problem of strong adhesion. As long as it is suitable, the EIA specification specifies 20g-80g. However, in use, it will be adjusted according to the part being sealed. This is determined by its own and downstream customers' preferences. To determine the viscosity of multiple components, you can use a "tape peel tester" to select the appropriate viscosity as long as the other four conditions do not occur.

4、Overnight cracking. This seal looks good and has the right viscosity and strength, but after a day, in some cases two to three days, the bonding loosens and also cracks. This danger is very dangerous. If care is not taken, sealing and aging tests of carrier tape and cover tape can easily be performed. Customers are advised to use tested cover tapes.

5、Plum dot: this time cracking, but also good to start sealing, but after a little time, on the combination of carrier tape and cover tape, a very slight white dot at the beginning, with the placement of time. The white dots continued to increase, some of them joined together and cracks appeared at the seal. This is the most dangerous, and some cover tapes have been subjected to aging tests. However, if the performance of the sealing tape itself is not stable, the plum dot cracking phenomenon will occur. It is recommended that customers seal the product before shipment and conduct random inspection, which will be safer.

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