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Carrier Tape Problems And Solutions

Nov. 05, 2019

Today, the Shielding Bag Manufacturer shares some questions about the possible problems with the carrier tape.

1. Analysis of the causes of bad carrier tapes and improvement measures

There are two main reasons for the card:

The part size is too large, the part is deformed or has burrs;

The carrier tape size is small, deformation, barb, poor molding and design considerations are not comprehensive;

Analysis of adverse causes:

Parts class:

The size of the part is not within the design range, resulting in interference with the carrier tape slot, and a card phenomenon occurs;

There is deformation or burr in the part, there is interference between the position of the deformation or burr and the carrier tape groove, resulting in the occurrence of the card;

Carrier class:

The wear of the molding die leads to a smaller size of the molding die, resulting in interference between the Anti-Static Protective Tape groove and the part, resulting in a card member; for example, the mold is used for a long time, the mold is not confirmed for maintenance, the corners of the mold are worn, and the bottom corner is changed. After forming the R angle, after forming, the bottom of the groove is rounded, which causes the PIN pin of the part to interfere with the arc inside the groove, and the card is defective;

Anti-Static Protective Tape

Anti-Static Protective Tape

When the discharge tray cannot be smoothly discharged or the receiving section appears to be pulled backward, the heating position is misaligned, resulting in forming the barb, and the groove size is small and the defect is caused by the card;

For example, the adhesive tape of the inner ring of the discharge tray sticks to the axial center and cannot be smoothly discharged. The pulling of the heating belt can not be normally pulled into place, and the heating mode is dislocated.

Improper setting of the load belt adjustment parameters, resulting in a thin wall of the groove, deformation after winding around the disk, and a card phenomenon after packaging;

The carrier tape is squeezed during transportation/express, etc., resulting in deformation of the carrier tape and the phenomenon of jamming after packaging;

When the carrier tape is designed, the tolerances are not well considered, resulting in interference between the lower limit of the carrier tape slot size and the upper limit of the component size or the gap is too small, resulting in a jam phenomenon in the package;

Improve strategy:

Parts class:

Ensure that the dimensions of the part are within the design tolerances;

The packaging parts are fully inspected before packaging to avoid deformation and burrs of the parts;

Carrier class:

The project is required to strictly control the life of the mold according to the “Mold Operation Management Procedure”, and the maintenance of the mold is confirmed at regular intervals;

Make sure that the discharge tray can be smoothly discharged or the receiving tray is normally received, so as to avoid the phenomenon that the heating mold is misaligned due to the pulling of the leather;

When the technician is required to adjust the machine, it is necessary to strictly adjust the setting parameters according to the molding parameters on the mold SOP to avoid the tank being too thin and easy to deform;

Do a good job of packing and packaging protection, reduce the express delivery as much as possible, and avoid the deformation of the carrier tape caused by transportation;

When designing the project, it is necessary to understand the upper and lower limits of the client, and better design the carrier tape to avoid the phenomenon of the card.

2, how to solve the molding dislocation in the mold

After the molding die blowing mold is assembled and aligned, the forming die is pushed up and pushed to the rear rail, and the rear rail is attached; at this time, it can be seen whether it is parallel with the rear rail, and the parallel molding rail is adjusted to be parallel.

have to be aware of is:

1. When loading the front rail, do not loosen the material, avoid changing the parallelism between the raw material and the rear rail.

2. If the blow mold and the molding die are not the same size, then we should avoid the influence of the blow mold parallel to the rear rail.

The above is about the possible problems and precautions of the carrier tape, I hope to help everyone. In addition, if you are interested in carrier tape and PET Leader Tape, you can contact us, we can provide you with high quality products, welcome everyone.