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What Can PE Electrostatic Film Do to Protect

Jan. 07, 2022

The consumption of electrostatic film now exceeds 3 million tons per year in most countries. Over the past 30 years, PE electrostatic film has been very successful in the packaging market, not only has it successfully replaced cellophane, but it has rapidly developed a market of its own. It has a clear glossy surface, the ability to be printed in a variety of colors, and a low price.


It is used today in a variety of applications, mainly in: coated metal product surfaces, metal product surfaces, plastic product surfaces, electronic product surfaces, glass product surfaces, signage product surfaces, profile product surfaces, and other product surfaces. The role of the protective film is to protect the material to be protected from harmful gases and microorganisms during transportation, storage and processing; to prevent mechanical scratches and dust pollution.


PE electrostatic film is one of the more common types of protective film on the market today, and its distinctive feature is that it is harder and more scratch resistant. And long time use will not turn yellow like PVC material out of oil. Previously, it generally relies on electrostatic adsorption, easier to blister and fall off, but even if it falls off in water and can be reused. Now the electrostatic film can also be coated with glue to stick, there are usually two types of adhesive, acrylic adhesive adhesion is stronger, silicone has good high temperature resistance. Now many foreign cell phones factory, randomly configured is the protective sticker, using PE material protection sticker sticker workmanship and packaging is more exquisite, there are special for hot buy cell phone models to customize the protective sticker, no need to cut can be used directly, the market cell phone film some products are also produced by PE material.

What Can PE Electrostatic Film Do to Protect

Conductive PE Sheet

PE electrostatic protective film does not contain any chemical solvent, the use of modern production equipment and dust-free production system of 1000 levels, in use or after use will not produce and volatilize any toxic gases and environmentally harmful substances, suitable for application in a clean room environment, widely used in various industrial fields, product surface protection, production processes and product shipping and use of protection, effectively reduce the generation of bad products and enhance the value of the product is obvious.

PE electrostatic film is used in the electronics industry for displays, panels and high gloss products. The use of PE electrostatic film can be broadly categorized into the following areas.

1, a variety of display bezel and panel, light guide, cell phone shell, computer panel, TV bezel pass and base, electronic game machine shell, PDA and other electronic and electrical plastic injection products surface protection is widely used.

2, very high transparency, conducive to random quality inspection of high-gloss products, attached to the release paper can be die-cut molding use.

3, high gloss plastic parts surface, spraying (ordinary glossy paint, glossy plastic parts) after drying protection.

4, PC sheet, acrylic sheet, ITO film and other glossy materials without special temperature and humidity resistance requirements for surface use.

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