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Some Characteristics of PE Electrostatic Film

Dec. 27, 2021

PE electrostatic film with PE material as the base material, one layer is EVA self-adhesive material, this material belongs to low molecular polymers, when the surface of the protective film gathers a large number of low molecular polymers, these low molecular polymers will be mosaic with each other and the tiny pits on the surface of the product being pasted.

This leads to the fact that even without glue, the pe film can be stuck together with the product, which is called electrostatic adsorption. In the market, electrostatic film can also be called self-adhesive film, this electrostatic protective film does not need to be coated with glue, safe and environmentally friendly, so it is much attention from users, and is considered to be the future direction of the development of surface protection film production process.

For some products that cannot be packaged and laminated with adhesive electrostatic film, PE electrostatic film is a perfect choice, it eliminates the possible consequences of residual glue and provides a good choice for products that react chemically with glue. So what characteristics should a good PE static film have?

Different PE electrostatic films can have different characteristics for different applications, but they all must have some characteristics, firstly, the adsorption effect of the electrostatic film, which can be strong or weak, and secondly, the transparency of the film, which can be high or low. And some other characteristics can be subdivided into the following points.


1, In addition to excellent surface adsorption, but also has excellent moisture resistance, temperature resistance, moisture resistance test; can be injected in the injection molding injection, immediately attached, easy to peel off after cooling, without any residual precipitates.


2, It can make the chemical solvent gas released slowly from the surface of the sprayed parts easily discharged, thus avoiding the phenomenon of re-reaction with the paint surface and greatly improving the yield rate of the sprayed products.


3, Excellent surface adsorption, can replace the PE adhesive protective film below 30g viscosity, and there is no residual glue, white mist problem.

Conductive PE Sheet

pe electrostatic film is widely used for surface protection of hardware products, TV bezel, photoelectric electronics, electronic instruments, acrylic plates, PC plates, plastic product shells, high-gloss panels, glass lenses, stainless steel, PC plating plates, aluminum high-gloss surface materials, etc. It can also be used for high-temperature heat paste.

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