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Anti-static Bags and Anti-static Shielding Bags

Dec. 17, 2021

Ordinary anti-static packaging bags, because the surface resistance of the indicators can not play a role in shielding external static electricity, so for static-sensitive electronic components products, usually should be selected anti-static shielding bags.

Shielding bags

General anti-static packaging bag itself is not easy to generate static electricity, but when the bag external electrostatic discharge (ESD), due to its shielding external ESD performance is not good, the electronic devices inside the bag will be affected by external electrostatic discharge (ESD) or even damage to precision electronic components. Therefore, the ordinary anti-static bag surface resistance of the indicators can not play a shielding external ESD ability, for such devices, should usually be selected shielding bags.

Anti-static shielding bags and not only have all the anti-static performance of anti-static packaging bags, there are shielding external personnel, equipment ESD static discharge and external electromagnetic radiation performance, it has excellent anti-static, anti-radio frequency, waterproof steam penetration, salt spray and many other functions.

Aluminum foil bag

Aluminum foil bags are made of aluminum and other high barrier materials after dry lamination. Aluminum is light and shiny, strong reverse ability, good barrier, impermeable to air and water, strong adaptability to temperature, stable shape at high or low temperature, strong shading, and excellent moisture resistance, so aluminum foil bags have good moisture resistance, barrier, light avoidance, permeability resistance and beautiful appearance, and the water vapor transmission rate is extremely low. Aluminum foil bags also have heat sealing function and can be vacuum packed. The appearance of composite aluminum foil bags is opaque, silvery white, with anti-gloss, and can be stored in an environment with temperature ≤ 38℃ and humidity ≤ 90%.

TONGXI's anti-static products are suitable for packaging of electronic products with moisture-proof requirements: various PC boards, IC integrated circuits, optical drives, hard disks, vacuum packaging of chemical materials and biological intermediates, etc.

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