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Use of Anti-static Shielding Bag

Apr. 14, 2020

Anti-static Shielding Bag is often used in our life and work. It has a very wide application space and can package different electronic products. Antistatic shielding bag is a commonly used antistatic packaging plastic bag. Its base material is CPP / PET. This kind of plastic bag is generally non-toxic, so we can often see the use of antistatic shielding bags in electronic products. There are many manufacturers of such bags all over the country, and they are developing very quickly. Some hard disks, video cards and other electronic products that we buy in daily life will be packed in anti-static shielding bags to prevent the products from being damaged by static electricity.

Anti-static shielding bag It is a composite product performance, widely used in the packaging of all kinds of pc boards, computer motherboards, sound cards, graphics cards, network cards and static sensitive high-tech electronic products. The anti-static packaging material is made of multiple layers of composite coating, the inner layer is a heat sealing layer, and the strength of the sealed product is twice that of the general material.The middle layer is a high-strength mechanical layer with excellent mechanical functions; the outer layer For the conductive layer. The material is compatible with related chemical products and has good performance. During the packaging and storage process, it will not react with the packaged material and can be directly used for contact packaging of related products. Moisture resistance reaches level II. It has excellent comprehensive mechanical properties, and has been proved to meet the packaging strength requirements by mechanical strength and drop test of packaging transportation. It has good processability, the conductive layer adopts coating process, and can be processed into any shape according to user requirements.

The advantages and application scope of anti-static shielding bag:

Shielding anti-static bags can protect static-sensitive components to the greatest extent from potential electrostatic hazards. Their unique Faraday cage construction forms an "induction cover" effect to achieve shielding and anti-static effects on the contents of the bag. The outer layer is wear-resistant The metal coating and the inner vinyl material are processed through complex processes to achieve perfect electrostatic shielding protection. The translucent heat-sealing bag-shaped process can clearly identify the contents of the bag. The advantages of anti-static shielding bags: it has good anti-shielding static electricity, moisture resistance, static electricity shielding performance, silver gray translucent appearance, exquisite patterns can be printed on the exterior, can see the packaged objects.

Anti-static Shielding Bag

Anti-static Shielding Bag

Recommended use of shielded anti-static bags: used for packaging of electronic products with anti-static requirements, such as various PC boards, IC integrated circuits, optical drives, hard drives, electronic components, etc.

The main properties of anti-static packaging materials:

a. Prevent the occurrence of triboelectricity;

b. Free from the influence of electrostatic field;

c. Prevent direct discharge from contact with charged human bodies or charged objects.

It is difficult for a material to have all the above-mentioned properties at the same time, and it is often necessary to use different materials to combine or compound to achieve the required purpose. Where the static electricity is safely dissipated or shielded, the accumulation of electrostatic charge can be restricted or protected Materials affected by external electrostatic charges can be used as ESD protective packaging materials.

The above is the use of anti-static shielding bags introduced by Anti-static Protective Tape Supplier.