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Does Weather Change Affect The Performance Of Anti-Static Packaging Bags?

Apr. 08, 2020

Many customers who have used anti-static packaging bags know that anti-static packaging bags have the most stable anti-static value in summer, while in winter, anti-static values will fluctuate. This proves that weather changes affect the performance of anti-static packaging bags. Why does the weather change affect the performance of anti-static packaging bags? The following Anti-static Shielding Bag Supplier will explain to you in detail.

If the anti-static value of the anti-static packaging bag is the same in the storage environment in summer and winter, but the test anti-static value will fluctuate, so when we store the anti-static packaging bag, we should replace the storage method according to the weather changes Ensure that performance will not be affected. The general storage environment is a ventilated, dry warehouse that is best.

Technical information on anti-static packaging bags: Common polymer materials have excellent properties that many metal materials do not have and are widely used in various fields of the national economy. However, due to the high electrical insulation of polymer materials, it is easy to triboelectric charge to form static electricity accumulation, resulting in Damage and failure of static sensitive devices, instruments, and pharmaceuticals. Therefore, research, development, and application of polymer materials with anti-static functions have become more and more extensive. At present, the methods for preparing polymer antistatic packaging materials are roughly divided into two types: one is to add antistatic agents on the surface or inside of the polymer material; the other is to use inorganic conductive fillers or conductive polymers and the matrix polymer to form antistatic Static composite packaging materials.

 Anti-Static Shielding Bags

Anti-Static Shielding Bags

Commonly used inorganic conductive fillers are divided into carbon-based and metal-based two categories according to different carbon blacks or metals and metal fibers. Various inorganic conductive fillers are filled into the matrix polymer to produce various types of Electrostatic packaging materials. Such anti-static packaging materials have been widely used in modern high-tech electronic products, pyrotechnics and other packaging fields in recent years because of their excellent characteristics and low prices, but their adaptability in different climate environments, There are no reports yet, and the production, use and research units are all very concerned.

The analysis shows that the carbon-based and metal-based antistatic polymer packaging materials are greatly affected by environmental factors. The electrical performance parameters (Rs, t1 / 2) of the carbon-based conductive filler material show a downward trend, while the metal-based The material of conductive filler is on the rise. This is because carbon-based carbon black and other fillers are a very effective ultraviolet shielding agent, which can delay the aging of polymer matrix materials to a certain extent. When the surface polymer materials are powdered, the carbon particles are exposed. According to the tunneling theory, electrons activated due to thermal vibration are more likely to cross the barrier and reach adjacent particles, forming a larger tunnel current, which is directly manifested by the enhanced conductivity of the material.


The warranty period of Anti-Static Shielding Bags for domestic raw materials is generally 12 months. For the anti-static Shielding Bags produced from imported raw materials, the shortest shelf life of the anti-static value can be 24 months, and the longest can be permanent anti-static.