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What Are The Advantages Of Anti-static Foil Bags?

Oct. 16, 2019

The general anti-static bag is an Anti-Static Black PE Bag. It is made of LDPE and LLDPE blown film. The antistatic agent is added to produce anti-static effect. It is only to prevent static electricity, which is the internal product and packaging of the packaged product. There is no static electricity generated by friction, and it is not easy to generate static electricity. However, when electrostatic discharge (ESD) occurs outside the package, the electronic components inside the package are subject to external ESD (electrostatic discharge) due to poor external ESD performance. The effects even damage devices that are very sensitive to static electricity. Therefore, the index of surface resistance of ordinary anti-static bags can not play the role of shielding external ESD. For such devices, Anti-Static Shielding Bag should generally be used. Anti-static shielding bag not only has anti-static performance of anti-static bag, but also electrostatic discharge ESD and external electromagnetic radiation shielding of external personnel and equipment. It consists of multiple layers of excellent electrical conductivity and resistance, usually half. Transparent. It can be seen that the anti-static shielding bag is more resistant to static electricity than the ordinary anti-static bag, such as LED diode, computer hard disk, PCB board, etc., generally adopt anti-static shielding bag packaging.

Anti-Static Black PE Bag

Anti-Static Black PE Bag

So although the anti-static bag is not as good as the anti-static shielding bag in its application, it also has its special advantages, so what are its advantages? Anti-Static Shielding Bag Supplier will come to tell you.

We need to understand the structural performance characteristics of anti-static bags. Speaking of aluminum foil packaging bags, everyone will not be unfamiliar. Aluminum foil packaging bags are very popular in the market. Aluminum foil bags suitable for all walks of life also have their own functions, such as anti-static aluminum foil bags, which are anti-static, moisture-proof and anti-static. Three major functions of electromagnetic interference. Anti-static aluminum foil bag is mainly used for packaging electronic components, PC boards, etc. Anti-static aluminum foil bags are also used in the clothing packaging industry; anti-static aluminum foil bags are made of static dissipative materials, which can effectively slow down the intensity of electrostatic discharge and avoid electronic components. It is broken down by static electricity. The inner layer is made of pure metal aluminum. The anti-static aluminum foil bag has a four-layer structure with strong composite ability, firm sealing, good waterproof, oxygen barrier, light protection and puncture resistance. The product is suitable for electronic product packaging with moisture-proof requirements: various types PC boards, IC integrated circuits, optical drives, hard drives, and vacuum packaging of chemical raw materials and biological intermediates. It can protect static sensitive components from potential electrostatic hazards to the greatest extent. Their unique four-layer structure creates a "sensing hood" effect to protect the contents of the bag from the electrostatic field. This heat-sealable bag is translucent for easy viewing without affecting product bar code reading.

The anti-static aluminum foil bag's unique four-layer structure PET/AL/PA/PE makes the aluminum foil bag have high tensile strength, tensile strength and puncture resistance. The nylon layer design solves the semiconductor industry and IC integration. Anti-static aluminum foil bag packaging requirements for circuits, SMT, LED and precision electronics industries.

According to the product requirements, the aluminum foil bag of the electronic product has good shielding property and the inner packaging material is invisible, which can well protect the electrostatic sensitive component from potential static electricity. In addition, the anti-static aluminum foil bag also has good moisture, oxygen, high temperature and low temperature resistance, and has good heat sealing performance, safety, non-toxicity and environmental protection. In addition, the surface of the anti-static aluminum foil bag can be printed with characters, logos, and the like. In terms of use, the pure aluminum bag is more suitable for electronic components, cooked food, meat, etc., which are required for moisture and vacuum resistance, and the aluminum-plated bag is suitable for packaging tea, powder, electronic components and the like.

Anti-static aluminum foil bag can be used as a composite aluminum foil bag in daily life because of its good barrier property, heat sealability, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, oil resistance, aroma retention, non-toxicity, tastelessness and softness. Packaging boards for circuit boards, electronic products, precision machinery parts, consumer goods, food, industrial products, etc.

Electronic components are packaged in aluminum foil bags, so why must they be packed in anti-static aluminum foil bags? I believe many people still don't understand the specific reasons inside. The main reason for adopting anti-static aluminum foil packaging bag is that the aluminum foil bag has anti-static, opaque, silver-white color and anti-gloss characteristics, and has good barrier property, heat sealing property, light blocking property, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and oil resistance. A series of properties that are fragrant, non-toxic, tasteless and soft. The nature of all this is attributed to aluminum (AL), a metal that we are all familiar with. I believe everyone knows that aluminum has good electrical conductivity, and this is also an important factor in the anti-static function of aluminum foil packaging bags. It is important to know that the generation of static electricity in electronic devices is very likely to cause damage to electronic components, which is one of the reasons why many IC chips are packaged in aluminum foil bags. People use the luster of aluminum to produce aluminum foil bags that can effectively prevent sunlight from shining on objects. Keep objects as far as possible from the outside world.