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Functions of Antistatic Protective Belt

Jun. 28, 2019

With the rapid development of the electronics industry, the integration of electronic circuit boards is getting higher and higher, the high density of electronic components on the motherboard, the compact wiring, and even the widespread use of surface-mount components are likely to cause electrostatic damage to the circuit board. . When a US organization tested an integrated circuit in a large communication system equipment, it was found that one-third of the faulty integrated circuits were broken down by electrostatic discharge. Antistatic Protective Belt products with antistatic film can prevent static damage to the integrated circuit.

There is no strict definition of functional films, and generally refers to films that have certain (or some) special functions that are not available in general-purpose films and can meet the special needs of applications, such as antistatic films, rust-proof films, and heat shrinkage. Film, easy to open film and so on. Since the functional film has such a special function or the like, it can better meet the needs of protecting the packaged goods, or better meet the requirements of the convenience of use of the product, and thus has a better use effect; the functional film Usually with high technical content, high economic efficiency and strong market competitiveness, it has attracted people's attention.

PE Antistatic Protective Belts are important varieties in packaging materials, and are often indispensable materials in certain packaging fields. They are of great importance in plastic packaging materials.

Functions of Antistatic Protective Belt