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Message Of Black PET Leader Tape

Jun. 22, 2019

Black PET Leader Tape, mainly used for the protection of various glass and plastic surfaces, that is, no residual glue, and the peeling voltage during the control period, so that the protective film is peeled off without generating a large voltage breakdown.

The period is mainly divided into one-sided (with rubber surface) anti-static, double-sided (with rubber surface, reverse surface) anti-static two.

Anti-static with rubber surface, the principle is to add anti-static agent in the glue and then apply glue to make it have antistatic effect.

Anti-static anti-static, there are two ways: one is to apply a layer of anti-static coating on the PET film, and the other is to add antistatic agent when PET is produced. The former method of coating is easy to damage the coating during storage and transportation, and the antistatic effect is weakened, which is why the antistatic protective film has a shorter shelf life than the ordinary protective film, and the advantage is low cost.

The latter method of adding antistatic agent has the disadvantage of high cost, but its relatively long shelf life makes many users choose to use this protective film in shipping protection.

Black PET Leader Tape