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Environmental Requirements for Carrier Tape

Feb. 25, 2020

As a kind of electronic packaging, carrier tape has not been tested in the environment by many people in China. It can be said that little is known. In China, it is generally considered that the carrier tape packaging material is only used as packaging. After SGS, there is no problem. The carrier tape products will change in different environments and affect the packaging. Therefore, for the carrier tape packaging, an environmental monitoring program should be introduced as soon as possible in order to regulate the carrier tape production and be responsible for the packaging products. As the Carrier Tape is a high-temperature heat-molded product, the carrier tape itself has undergone a thermal shock and molding. Since the customer packs the product, it will be shipped to other parts of the world. The temperature difference between the places is different, so the shrinkage of the carrier tape packaging material at different temperatures And waywardness is different. Therefore, carrier tapes need to use different formulas in different environments to ensure product stability and avoid customer complaints due to packaging materials. This is also a disadvantage of the entire carrier tape industry today.

Carrier Tape

Carrier Tape

In addition, the carrier tape will also have bad card parts. The following analysis will be conducted by the Anti-static Shielding Bag Supplier to provide improvement measures for everyone.

There are two main reasons for jamming:

The size of the part is too large, the part is deformed or burr; the size of the carrier tape is too small, deformed, barb, poorly formed and poorly designed;

Bad cause analysis:

Parts category:

1. The size of the part is not within the design range, which causes interference with the carrier tape slot and the phenomenon of jamming;

2. There is deformation or burr on the part, and there is interference between the position of the deformation or burr and the carrier tape slot, resulting in a jam;

Carrier tape category:

1. The wear of the molding die causes the size of the molding die to become smaller, which leads to interference between the carrier tape groove and the part, and causes a clamp. For example: if the mold is used for a long time, the mold corners will be worn and the bottom corners will become R angles (as shown below). There is interference in the arc, and the defective part appears;

2. When the discharge tray cannot be smoothly discharged or the receiving section is pulled backwards, the heating position is misaligned, which causes the forming barb, and the groove size is too small, which causes the card to be stuck. Holding the axis and not being able to discharge smoothly, the pulling belt cannot be pulled in place normally, and the heating mold is misaligned. After molding, the heating mold is misaligned on one side of the groove.

3. Improper setting of the parameters of the carrier tape adjuster results in a very thin groove wall, deformation after winding, and the phenomenon of jamming after packaging;

4. The carrier tape is extruded during transportation / courier, etc., which causes the carrier tape to deform and jam after packing.

5. In the design of the carrier tape, the tolerance is not considered comprehensively, which causes the interference between the lower limit of the carrier tape slot size and the upper limit of the part size or the gap is too small, which causes the packaging to jam.

Improve strategy:

Parts category:

1. Make sure the dimensions of the parts are within the designed tolerances;

2. The packaging parts are fully inspected and processed before packaging to avoid deformation and burrs of the parts;

Carrier tape category:

1. The project is required to strictly control the life of the mold in accordance with the "Mold Operation Management Procedure", and to regularly perform maintenance confirmation on the mold;

2. Make sure that the feeding tray can smoothly discharge or the receiving tray can receive normally, and avoid the phenomenon that the heating mold is misaligned due to the pulling of the leather;

3. When the technician is required to adjust the machine, it is necessary to set the machine strictly according to the molding parameters on the mold SOP to avoid the tank being too thin and easily deformed;

4. Do a good job of carrier tape packaging protection, reduce the express delivery as much as possible, and avoid the deformation of carrier tape slots caused by transportation;

5. When designing the project, you need to understand the upper and lower limits of the client, and better design the slot of the carrier tape to avoid the phenomenon of jamming.

The above are the environmental requirements of the carrier tape shared by the Conductive Bag Supplier.