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Anti-static Shielding Bag Should Pay Attention To The Daily Maintenance

Dec. 31, 2019

Anti-static shielding bags have been used more in electronic product packaging in recent years. The use of anti-static shielding bags in the production of electronic products has gradually become popular. For a long time, anti-static bags have won people's trust for their noble quality, but Good things also need to be stored well. Many customers can’t properly store anti-static bags after they purchase them. Therefore, many unexpected phenomena occur during use, which are related to personal use. Anti-Static Shielding Bag Supplier summary should pay attention to the following three aspects of daily maintenance. Hope to help everyone.

First, reasonably grasp the humidity change of the anti-static shielding bag

When the anti-static bag is used, it is also necessary to pay attention to the change of humidity according to the change of the season, especially when summer is approaching, the indoor wall will appear due to moisture, and this phenomenon will also occur in the shielding bag. Therefore, when storing the shielding bag, do not let the shielding bag close to the wall, and leave a distance of about 1 cm, so that moisture will not appear.

If there is water mist on the surface of the shielding bag, you need to wipe off the condensed water mist with a dry cloth in a timely manner, and at the same time ensure that the indoor ventilation is good. If possible, put some dry inside the shielding bag. Agent, which is also a good protection measure for the bag.

Second, pay attention to the changes in temperature details of Anti-Static Shielding Bag

In the materials of anti-static bags, we need to pay attention to the use conditions at different temperatures. No matter whether it is a common battery package or other electronic product packaging, it should not be placed in a place that can be directly exposed to sunlight. If it is exposed to sunlight for a long time, the packaging of any material will gradually change color and deteriorate. The phenomenon of peeling will occur, which will seriously affect the effect of use.

If it is necessary to use electric heating equipment in winter, it is also necessary to place the shielding bag away from the heating equipment. This will not only ensure the indoor temperature, but also ensure that the shielding bag itself will not be affected by the large temperature difference. Aging phenomenon.

Anti-Static Shielding Bag

Anti-Static Shielding Bag

Third, pay attention to the inventory of anti-static shielding bags

Any type of anti-static shielding bag needs to be cleaned daily when placed in the warehouse. In order to ensure that the bag is not damaged by humans when it is cleaned, different storage methods need to be taken care of. For storage in airtight In the warehouse, the shielding bag should be properly ventilated. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the dryness of the anti-static bag in a humid environment, because only in this way can the shielding bag not be damaged prematurely, so it is necessary to regularly check the inventory.

The above is the daily maintenance of the anti-static shielding bag introduced by Antistatic Protective Belt Supplier. Have you learned?