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How To Apply Anti-static Protective Tape?

May. 09, 2020

Anti-static protective tape is a kind of tape with anti-static function. It is different from ordinary tape in that it uses a special anti-static disposal process. In order to facilitate the major enterprises to successfully solve the electrostatic hazard, the product has anti-static properties, reduce the use of adhesive tape in various manufacturing industries to help reduce static electricity. So how to stick an anti-static protective tape? What are its performances? The following Anti-Static Shielding Bag Supplier will come to tell you.

How to attach anti-static protective tape?

1. Pay attention to the absence of iron filings on the exterior, clean the exterior of the drying cylinder that needs to be taped, and the appearance is smooth;

2. Cut a little longer than the required length (about 5CM longer than the required length).

3. Pay attention to tearing and sticking, tearing off the release paper, and do not tear it all at once. During the sticking process, you can use a cloth (or newspaper) to stick the tape and rub it flat. After the sticking, make sure that the two sides of the tape overlap together;

4. In the middle of the overlap of the Antistatic Protective Belt, use a utility knife to draw a straight line (the length of the drying cylinder).

5. After the anti-static protective tape is attached, carefully check whether there are small air bubbles between the tape and the drying cylinder. You can use a sharp object such as a pin to eliminate the small air bubbles one by one.

Antistatic Protective Belt

Antistatic Protective Belt

Performance of anti-static protective tape:

1. The anti-static protective tape is very easy to see on the floor or floor of the workshop. It is generally used for warning purposes, that is, it is used to identify an important item or area. To facilitate the management of the workshop. Its abrasion resistance, alkali resistance, and oil resistance are good. The antistatic protective tape is mainly made of PVC material, which is why it can be used in the workshop. The workshop is generally dirty and oily and there are many chemicals. Antistatic protective tape can be used in such an environment to see it is very powerful.

2. The anti-static protective tape also has the characteristics of good stability, non-corrosiveness, anti-humidity, and high gloss. These characteristics determine that it can be used in any harsh environment and play its most important purpose.

3. Anti-static protective tape can also be used as a road sign on the ground, not only in the workshop. It can also be used as a black code for items. It is used for wrapping and isolating air in underground pipes, that is, sealing. It also has the sealing performance of ordinary tape. The most important point is that the anti-static protective tape plays a safety alert role. Its product has very strong adhesive properties, and there are many types of antistatic protective tapes. Suitable for sticking on the ground, floor, road, etc.

The above is the relevant content of Anti-Static Aluminum Foil Bag supplier sharing with you about how to attach anti-static protective tape and its performance. I hope that through the above content, you can further understand and understand the anti-static protective tape.