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What is the Principle of Antistatic Tape?

Jan. 21, 2020

What is the principle of Anti-Static Protective Tape? The antistatic agent in the antistatic tape can effectively absorb the "moisture" in the appearance of the product and the air. After the water is obtained, it can be neutralized with static electricity to achieve antistatic. The role of antistatic tape is to add an antistatic agent to the tape substrate or glue.

Add an antistatic agent before blowing the film and mix it together and plasticize it with the screw. This is relatively simple. Most antistatic tapes are made of PP / PE. Then blow the film. After entering the product, because the antistatic agent is distributed in the resin, and the antistatic agent is a low-molecular-weight surface active agent, which has the characteristics of hydrophilic and hygroscopicity, it is easy to migrate from the resin inside to the exterior of the product. Water molecular layer, thus achieving the effect of discharging static electricity.

Anti-Static Protective Tape

Anti-Static Protective Tape

It also shields ESD electrostatic discharge and external electromagnetic radiation performance of external personnel and equipment. Antistatic tape is suitable for the transportation and packaging of static sensitive high-tech electronic products such as PCBs and ICs. Not only has all the anti-static properties of anti-static tape. With excellent anti-static, anti-radio frequency, waterproof steam penetration, anti-salt fog and many other functions. The unique four-layer structure can form the "induction cover" effect to isolate the items in the anti-static tape from the electrostatic field. In addition, the inner layer is composed of anti-static ethylene, which has excellent anti-static function. The inner and outer layers of the anti-static shielding materials are made of transparent anti-static materials, with a semi-transparent conductive metal layer in the middle, so it has good anti-static and static shielding performance. The appearance is silver-gray, translucent, and can see through the package.

Anti-static tape is used in the electronics industry for PCB board, components, plastic parts fixation, surface static protection of sealed boxes, etc. Do you know the characteristics of antistatic tape? Shielding Bag Manufacturer can come and tell everyone.

1. It has antistatic performance and corrosion resistance, high bonding strength, high tensile strength, and good chemical resistance.

2. It has elasticity, good elongation performance and strong adaptability to interface deformation and cracking.

3. It has good adhesion, waterproofness, sealing, low temperature resistance and good followability, and good dimensional stability.

In addition, when you buy anti-static tape, quality is the first choice, and the price is second. Some Antistatic Protective Belt Supplier believe that the higher the price of antistatic tape, the better the quality. These views are one-sided. Antistatic tape is rarely used by customers, but once it is used, it will have high requirements, so it must be carefully considered in selection.