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The Working Principle of Anti-static Shielding Bags

Nov. 05, 2021

We call the anti-static bags also called static bags, shielding bags, aluminum foil bags, anti-static shielding bags and so on. In life, our computer motherboard, hard disk, video card, memory, CPU anti-static bags. They appear translucent silver gray, and there is a yellow triangle on the top of the anti-static printing label. Anti-static bags have long been accepted by the public.

Working Principle

What is the mechanism of anti-static shielding bags? First of all, we must first understand what is the antistatic agent.

The current industrial antistatic agent is mainly a number of non-ionic, ionic surfactants of a single compound or compound. According to its molecular hydrophilic group can be ionized, can be divided into ionic and non-ionic, and ionic type is divided into cationic, anionic and amphoteric.

Antistatic principle is the use of its hydrophilic group in the plastic surface adsorption of water vapor in the air, or arranged on the surface to form a conductive layer to reduce the surface resistance value. Anti-static shielding bag mechanism of action is mainly: the antistatic agent of the hydrophilic group to increase the film surface hygroscopicity, adsorption of moisture in the air, the formation of a thin film of water, the role of leakage of charge.

The mechanism of action of coating-type antistatic agents is mainly to increase the concentration of ions on the surface of the film to prevent the accumulation of charges by neutralizing positive charges with anions or neutralizing negative charges with cations. The antistatic agent with large dielectric constant can increase the dielectric properties between the friction body, so that the dielectric loss increases, playing an antistatic role.

Anti-static aluminum foil bag

Internal structure

Usually, anti-static shielding bag using two-layer composite or higher four-layer structure. Bag the formation of Faraday cage induction shield effect, the maximum protection of the bag items and electrostatic field isolation, to prevent the accumulation of static electricity, from static electricity hazards.

Anti-static shielding bag using two or four-layer composite: (VMPET/CPE or PET/AL/NY/CPE), with excellent anti-static, anti-radio frequency, water vapor permeation, salt spray and many other functions, as well as shielding external personnel, equipment ESD static discharge and external electromagnetic radiation performance. Suitable for PCB, IC and other electrostatic sensitive class of high-tech electronic products transportation and packaging.

Their unique four-layer structure can form an "induction shield" effect to protect the contents of the bag and electrostatic field isolation. TONGXI is a professional manufacturer of anti-static packaging products, if you need, please contact us.