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Anti-static Bags and Conductive Bags

Nov. 12, 2021

Anti-static bags, conductive bags, they all are transport bags used for electronic equipment that may be affected by static electricity.

These plastic bags usually have unique colors according to their characteristics:

Silver for metallized PET films and other similar plastics, Polyethylene pink or black, Polyethylene models can also be made into foam or bubble wrap, as sheets or bags.

To produce an anti-static effect, black bags or silver bags are slightly conductive, forming a so-called Faraday cage around the item to be protected, avoiding any discharge deposited on the protected equipment during the handling of the bag.

Anti-static bags - which one? When?

The "metal shield" bag.

If bags containing electrostatic sensitive components are to be handled outside the "EPA", they should be metal shielding bags, i.e. Faraday cages!

Metal shielding bags can be used as effective Faraday cages, depending on material quality and physical conditions.

Do not wrinkle the bags, as this will destroy the integrity of the metal shielding!

You should not use any bags that have been damaged by tears and/or punctures, as they will destroy the function of the Faraday cage!

Metal shielding bags deteriorate with use, it is important to monitor their effectiveness!

Black Conductive Bags

Exposure to ESD may damage the electrostatically sensitive components inside the black conductive bags!

Black conductive bags containing electrostatically sensitive components should only be handled in an EPA and personnel must be grounded to ensure no potential differences occur.

Black conductive bags provide a good grounding path when used in conjunction with other bags.

Anti-static Bags and Conductive Bags

Antistatic bags (pink, clear, etc.)

These are the only "plastic" bags that are acceptable in the EPA!

Anti-static bags are not effective in preventing exposure to ESD!

They should only be used for non-static sensitive components such as nuts, bolts, paper, etc.

Ordinary plastic bags can generate and hold an electrostatic charge of over 10,000v! ESD bags deteriorate with time and wear, and it is important to monitor them.

Static charges can be a huge problem for small, sensitive electronic devices. Some devices can be damaged or destroyed by voltages as low as 30 volts and can exceed 5,000 volts just by walking or even sitting in a chair charging your body (mannequin), imagine the damage this can cause. This is why insulators should be avoided and all possible electrostatic generators (such as you) should/must be grounded to eliminate any charge buildup.

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