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Reasons For Antistatic Bags

Dec. 09, 2019

The electrostatic shielding protects the instrument or working environment in the metal conductor shell from external electric fields and does not affect external electric fields. In order to avoid interference, some electronic devices or measuring equipment must be shielded from static electricity, such as a grounded metal cover or a dense metal mesh cover on the indoor high-voltage equipment cover, and a metal tube housing for the electronic tube. Another example is a full-wave rectifier or bridge rectifier power transformer, which is covered with a metal foil or a layer of enameled wire between the primary and secondary windings and grounded to achieve shielding. In high-voltage live work, workers wear uniform pressure woven clothes made of metal wires or conductive fibers, which can shield and protect the human body. In the electronics industry, there are also products that apply the principle of electrostatic shielding. The following Anti-Static Protective Tape Supplier will introduce you to the types and characteristics of several anti-static bags in the electronics industry.

1) Shielded anti-static sealed bag

It is made of polyethylene and antistatic agent imported from Germany, blown by special machinery. It's easy to pack and close with a pinch. It can reduce the complicated packaging procedures for you, and can be used for the packaging of electronic originals and PC boards. The surface resistance value is 109-1011Ω.

2) PE red anti-static bag

The anti-static bag is the best packaging material for printed circuit boards, which can reliably release static electricity from printed circuit boards and avoid damage. The technical indicators are as follows: In accordance with MIL-B-81705B; internal and external surface resistance 103 ~ ≤1011Ω; static discharge time <2 seconds.

3) Anti-Static Shielding Bag

Anti-static shielding bags are usually used for the packaging of electronic components to prevent damage caused by the electrostatic generation of electronic components.

Generally, the anti-static shielding bag adopts a two-layer composite or a higher four-layer structure. A Faraday cage induction hood effect is formed in the bag, which protects the contents of the bag from the electrostatic field to the greatest extent, prevents the accumulation of static electricity and avoids the harm of static electricity. Anti-static shielding bag has many functions such as excellent anti-static, anti-radio frequency, waterproof steam penetration, anti-salt spray and so on. Their unique four-layer structure can form the "induction cover" effect to protect the contents of the bag from the electrostatic field. In addition, the inner layer is composed of anti-static vinyl, which has excellent anti-static function. {Anti-static shielding bag} The inner and outer layers of the material are made of transparent anti-static material, with a semi-transparent conductive metal layer in the middle, so it has good anti-static and electrostatic shielding performance.

Anti-Static Shielding Bag

Anti-Static Shielding Bag

4) Anti-static bubble bag

Anti-static bubble bag and bubble sheet can prevent the product from being damaged due to collision or static electricity during the production, transportation and transportation. This bag is suitable for the packaging of electronic products sensitive to static electricity.

5) Anti-static moisture-proof bag

It is suitable for the transportation and packaging of static sensitive high-tech electronic products such as PCB and IC. With anti-static, moisture-proof functions. The inner and outer layers of the anti-static and moisture-proof bag are made of transparent anti-static material, and the middle layer is aluminum foil with excellent barrier properties and electrical conductivity, so it has good anti-static, moisture-proof and electromagnetic shielding properties, and the appearance is silver-white. It is mainly used in the packaging of electronic products that are sensitive to static electricity and need to be protected from moisture and electromagnetic interference.

The above is information about several anti-static bags introduced by Anti-Static Shielding Bag Supplier. Hope to help you.