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Generation of Static Electricity and Work of Anti-static Bags

Feb. 18, 2022

Generation of Static Electricity and Work of Anti-static Bags

While static electricity in itself is not harmful, when a large amount of it builds up and is suddenly discharged, it can produce violent and dangerous sparks. If an electronic component suddenly releases an electrical current due to friction during transport, this can be enough to cause some very expensive damage. This is where anti-static products can help.

Anti-static products

In order to stop static electricity, you must make sure there is never a chance for electricity to build up. In other words, you must make sure that there is some sort of circuit that will harmlessly take away any electrical charge. Anti-static products do this in a variety of different ways.

Electronic components are usually contained in anti-static bags with warning labels. These bags are smoked silver, made of plastic, and mixed with conductive additives. When they are sealed, they form a protective shell with no electrical charge inside. As a result, bags like these can effectively protect items in transit.

Static electricity affects people on the move. If your floor coverings are made of synthetic fibers, static electricity may be generated every time you walk across them. If you work in an office with sensitive electronic or computing equipment, it can become a problem. That's why they should be kept in anti-static bags.

Generation of Static Electricity and Work of Anti-static Bags

Coatings and additives

Antistatic spray coatings usually consist of a conductive polymer (plastic) and a solvent made from deionized water and alcohol. When the solvent evaporates, it leaves a thin, invisible, conductive "skin" on the surface of the object to prevent static buildup.

Adding additives to plastics can solve the problem of static electricity, but other problems can arise in the process. Additives such as carbon black may radically change the color of the plastic, affect its strength, or alter its physical properties in other unhelpful ways. As a result, sometimes a trade-off must be made between making antistatic plastics and ensuring that they still perform well in other ways.

Generation of Static Electricity and Work of Anti-static Bags

Antistatic Protective Belt

Choosing TONGXI

Our antistatic materials are developed and formulated in-house. Shielded anti-static bags provide maximum protection from potential static hazards to static sensitive parts. The outer layer of wear-resistant metal coating and the inner layer of vinyl material are processed in a complex process to achieve perfect electrostatic shielding protection. 

Advantages: good anti-static, moisture-proof, shielding static performance, the appearance of silver gray or black, the exterior can be printed with beautiful patterns, we can also can customize the logo for you. Please visit TONGXI website for more details.

Generation of Static Electricity and Work of Anti-static Bags