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Electrostatic Discharge Is Harmful To The Human Body!

Jun. 08, 2020

When you take off a chemical fibre shirt at night, you will always hear the sound of a crackling pit and see a series of sparks. This is the static electricity generated by the friction of different objects. Anti-static Protective Tape Suppliers believe that static electricity is harmful to the human body!

 Static electricity:

1. The electrostatic interference generated by the human body will change the normal potential difference of the human body surface, affect the normal electrophysiological process of the myocardium and the normal conduction of the electrocardiogram without interference. If this static electricity lasts for a long time, it will increase the alkalinity of the blood, resulting in a decrease in the calcium content in the serum. This is for children who are growing and developing, elderly people with relatively low blood calcium levels, and those who require more calcium Pregnant women and other people have certain injuries.

2. Static particles are often generated around the screen, and these particles adsorb a large amount of floating dust in the air. These charged floating dust have an adverse effect on the skin, causing itching and pigmentation. Many small friends who have been facing the computer for a long time, if there are skin diseases such as erythema and pigmentation on the face, are also closely related to the static electricity generated by the computer screen attracting a large amount of suspended dust.

3. Excessive static electricity accumulates in the human body and causes abnormal current conduction in the brain nerve cell membranes, affecting the central nervous system, resulting in changes in blood pH and oxygen characteristics of the body, affecting the body's physiological balance, causing dizziness, headache, and irritability. , Insomnia, loss of appetite, trance and other symptoms.

Wafer Pad

Wafer Pad

Protective measures:

1. Maintain a certain humidity indoors, mopping the floor frequently, sprinkling water frequently, or humidifying with a humidifier. When you find that your hair can't be combed, immerse the comb in the water for a while, and wait for the static electricity to disappear, then you can comb the hair and put it on.

2. Touch the gate, door handle, faucet, chair back, bed rail, etc. with small metal devices (such as keys), cotton rags, etc., and then touch it by hand to eliminate static electricity.

3. Try to wear cotton underwear and no chemical fibre clothes. After undressing, touch the wall lightly with your hand and touch the wall with your hand before touching the door handle or faucet to "discharge" the static electricity from your body.

 Working static:

1. Fire and explosion are caused because the static electricity discharge time of the human body is only in the order of milliseconds. The energy generated by the static electricity discharge in such a short time is enough to cause the explosion and combustion of some gases and mixtures.

2. Electric shock to the human body, when the charged human body is close to ground, the electric current caused by the instantaneous current generated by electrostatic discharge flows through a certain part of the human body. The electric shock intensity is related to the electrostatic energy stored in the human body.

Protective measures:

1. Wear anti-static overalls

2. Wear anti-static work shoes

3. Wear anti-static wrist straps and other anti-static products

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