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Causes of Badly Wound and Stuck Carrier Tapes

Oct. 23, 2021

Causes of wound carrier tape

1、After production, the carrier belt is wound too tightly or too loosely.

2、When the carrier belt is placed on the encapsulation machine table, the machine is not strengthened and fixed, resulting in increased vibration of the carrier belt during the operation of the machine.

3、Incorrect method of placing the carrier belt on the encapsulation machine


How to solve

1、After the production of the carrier belt, the belt will be wound to a suitable tightness for better operation when on the encapsulation machine.

2、When placing the carrier tape on the encapsulation machine table, the machine needs to be strengthened and fixed to reduce the range of vibration of the carrier tape during operation of the machine.

3、When placing the carrier on the encapsulation machine, do not place the carrier on a flat surface, it is correct to place the carrier on an upright position.


Carrier Tapes

Causes of stuck carrier tapes

The size of the part is too large or has deformation and burrs, as well as small size, deformation, barbs, poor molding and other design incompleteness.

The causes of bad carrier cassettes are broadly divided into two categories.

1. Parts.

The size of the part may not be within the design range, resulting in interference with the belt slot, the phenomenon of jamming, or parts deformation and burr position and the belt slot between the interference, resulting in jamming.

2. Carrier tape.

The wear of the forming die leads to a reduction in the size of the forming die, resulting in interference between the carrier belt groove and the part, leading to a jam.


How to solve

1. Parts.

Ensure that the dimensions of the parts are within the designed tolerances; check the parts thoroughly before packaging to avoid deformation and burrs.

2. Carrier belts.

Regular maintenance confirmation of the moulds; ensure that the discharge tray can be smoothly discharged or normally collected to avoid the phenomenon of misalignment of the heating mould due to the pulling of the leather material, and require the technician to set the machine strictly according to the forming parameters on the mould SOP when adjusting the machine to avoid the phenomenon of the slot being too thin and easily deformed.

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