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Black Conductive Films And Tapes That You Deserve

Mar. 03, 2022

One of the more innovative uses of carbon black pigments in the plastics industry is in the electronics sector. The products of this industry are called conductive compounds. Since few plastic resins are inherently conductive, it is necessary to add special fillers to plastic matrices to give them the desired conductive properties.

Black Conductive Flms And Tapes That You Deserve

Conductive Bag

Over the years, carbon black has proven to be one of the most versatile functional fillers for plastics. In addition to providing electrical conductivity to plastic compounds, they provide durable protection against UV degradation. Carbon black is a moderately cost effective pigment that produces a variety of shades of black in the final product. In many product formulations, plastic compounders can achieve multiple combinations of properties in one product.

The selection of a suitable carbon black for the production of conductive compounds is based not only on the final properties of the particular compound desired, but also on the specific properties of the carbon black. The key properties of carbon black are particle size, structure and purity. These key elements of the carbon black are then combined with various polymer carrier resins in a compounding process to produce the final compound.

Benefits of black conductive films.

● surface resistivity adjustable between 10^3 and 11 Ω/Square as required

● conductive bags of any size (regardless of size) can be made to customer requirements

● excellent dimensional stability with a smooth, dust-free surface

● good rigidity and toughness as well as good tensile and impact resistance.

● a wide range of ambient temperatures to which it can be adapted.

● Electrostatic discharge time: <1.0sec

Black Conductive Flms And Tapes That You Deserve

Conductive PE Sheet

Our black conductive film meets the electrical requirements of MIL-P-82646A. It is made from a single layer of carbon loaded PE and its conductivity is not dependent on humidity. It will not peel off, will not contaminate components it comes in contact with even after repeated use, and is groundable.

These products are widely used in: communication, LED factory, PCB factory, electronics factory, LCD/LCM/LED, photoelectric optics, chip semiconductor, laser magnetic head, microelectronics industry, aerospace, military industry, electronic components (devices), photoelectric products, electronic devices and other production fields that require ESD and purification level.

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