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What is the Performance of the Anti-Static Shielding Bag?

Jul. 06, 2019

Anti-Static Shielding Bag is commonly used for the packaging of electronic components to prevent damage caused by electrostatic power generation that is prone to electronic components. Generally, the antistatic shielding bag adopts a two-layer composite or a higher four-layer structure. The Faraday cage induction cover effect is formed in the bag to protect the contents of the bag from the electrostatic field to the greatest extent, preventing static electricity from accumulating and protecting against static electricity.

Anti-Static Shielding Bag

Anti-Static Shielding Bag

The Shielding Bag has excellent functions such as anti-static, anti-radio frequency, waterproof vapor penetration, salt spray prevention and so on. Their unique four-layer structure creates an "induction cover" effect to protect the contents of the bag from the electrostatic field. The inner layer is made of static-eliminating ethylene and has excellent anti-static properties. The inner and outer layers of the material are made of transparent anti-static material, and the middle is a translucent conductive metal layer, so it has good anti-static and electrostatic shielding properties.