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The Role of Anti-static Protective Tape

Feb. 11, 2020

Electrostatic discharge damages electronic components and generates electromagnetic interference. "Electrostatic discharge" is caused by electrostatic charges generated by directly contacting the surface of an object (frictional electricity generation), moving a charged object closer to a conductor (induction electricity generation) or operating an electronic device (capacitive coupling). Static electricity problems basically arise from the production process of electronic devices and the use of end users. Electrostatic discharge can cause damage to electronic components and circuit boards. If no protective measures are taken, electrostatic damage can cause unfinished products in the production process. Achieving sufficient energy from static electricity can cause logic reset of electronic devices and destroy communication data between devices. Antistatic tape has proven to be an effective tool in helping manufacturers eliminate static charge issues. Let's talk about the role of anti-static protective tape with Anti-static Shielding Bag Supplier.


Anti-static tape products have proven to be an effective tool for manufacturers' electrostatic charging problems, but not all anti-static tapes are the same. Using advanced anti-static technology, our tapes can help reduce static damage to electronic components, circuit boards, and electronic devices. These anti-static tapes can solve the static electricity problems caused by the human body and the charging device. These tapes are products used by professional cutting die converters, electronics, automotive, aerospace, and medical industry OEMs.


Antistatic technology fuses a variety of specially formulated conductor elements to a durable cross-linked polymer material matrix. The resulting chemical and thermal resistant coating provides a low resistance surface (dissipative resistance 10 ^ 5-10 ^ 9 ohms-ideal dissipative static characteristics can help reduce electrostatic charge buildup.

Anti-static Protective Tape

Anti-static Protective Tape

Anti-static Protective Tape features:

1. Low surface resistance dissipates electrostatic charges.

2. Anti-friction anti-static coating.

3. High temperature resistant acrylic glue and ultra high temperature resistant silica gel with advanced nanotechnology.

4. Durable backing paper is suitable for die cutting operation.

5. Low stripping voltage, less than 100 volts.

6. Meet the REACH and RoSH standards specified by the European Union Health and Environment Organization.

7. Keep the appearance size stable under high temperature.

8. Resistant to chemicals used in electronics industry production.

9. Easy to adapt to custom structure.

10. High tensile tension ensures the dimensional stability of the tape shape under high temperature.


The above is the role of antistatic tape introduced by Conductive Bag Supplier.