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Carrier Function

Dec. 05, 2019

Carrier tape refers to a tape-shaped product used in the field of electronic packaging. It has a specific thickness, and is equally spaced along its length with holes (also known as pockets) for electronic components and indexing. Positioning positioning holes. Divided by function: In order to protect electronic components from electrostatic damage, some precision electronic components have clear requirements for the antistatic level of the carrier tape. According to the different levels of antistatic, the carrier tape can be divided into three types: conductive type, antistatic type (static dissipative type) and insulating type, and Conductive PE Sheet.

The carrier tape is stretched locally by means of die embossing or blistering to form a pocket with a concave shape. This carrier tape can be shaped into different sizes of pockets to suit the electronic components it contains. The size of the punched carrier tape refers to the punching or semi-penetrating pockets formed by die cutting. The thickness of the electronic components that this carrier tape can hold is limited by the thickness of the carrier tape. Components. Carrier tapes are widely used as plastic carriers for packaging SMT electronic components such as ICs, resistors, inductors, capacitors, connectors, LEDs, fuses, switches, relays, connectors, oscillators, diodes and transistors. Is the carrier tape antistatic?

Anti-Static Protective Tape

Anti-Static Protective Tape

Carrier tapes are anti-static, equivalent to Anti-Static Protective Tape, but not all carrier tapes have anti-static effects. Because different carrier tapes use different raw materials, there are PS insulation, PS conductive, PC insulation, PC conductive and other raw materials. You need to choose a carrier tape with antistatic function to prevent static electricity.

Anti-static is very important for carrier tape and electronic packaging. Whether the anti-static effect is good or not directly affects the effect on the packaging of electronic components. For anti-static carrier tape and ic carrier tape, some have hygroscopic effects. The auxiliary is very necessary. First of all, the resistance of the carrier tape and the IC carrier tape must be reduced. This kind of antistatic agent has a very good function of drawing water and reducing the surface resistance. The main component of the antistatic agent is resin. The antistatic carrier tape and ic carrier tape will not differentiate and not change during the production process. The effect of the antistatic agent is to absorb moisture in the air, form a film, and leak electrons. The effect can also add smoothness. So what are the specific functions? Shielding Bag Manufacturer will come and tell everyone.

1: Used with cover tape, carrying electronic components

It is used in the SMT plug-in operation of electronic components to store electronic components in carrier tape packaging and form a package with the carrier tape cover tape to protect the electronic components from pollution and impact. During the plug-in operation of the electronic component, the cover tape is torn, and the SMT equipment takes out the components in the carrier tape in turn through the precise positioning of the carrier tape positioning holes and installs them on the integrated circuit board to form a complete circuit system.

2: In order to protect electronic components from electrostatic damage

Some precision electronic components have clear requirements for the antistatic level of the carrier tape.