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Common Causes of Black Conductive Film Blowing Film

Jul. 18, 2019

One of the common problems with Black Conductive Film blown film is that the blown film melt is broken.

Black Conductive Film

Black Conductive Film

Phenomenon: due to the too high viscosity of the melt, a significant velocity gradient is formed during the extrusion die, resulting in forced drag, which forms a surface defect. After being frozen, it presents a wavy pattern, commonly known as shark skin . There is a special article on the analysis of shark skin problems.


1.Increasing the temperature setting improves the fluidity of the melt;

2.Increasing the lip temperature reduces the viscosity of the melt in the die;

3.Widening the die gap to attenuate the velocity gradient;

4.The use of processing aid PPA acts as a lubricant;

5.Resin with good fluidity: high melting point, wide molecular weight distribution, long chain branched resin;

6.Properly reduce the amount of extrusion;